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SIM on Virtual (vmware) managed device ???

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SIM on Virtual (vmware) managed device ???

Hi, I have a few questions;

a) When I add a virtual (vmware) managed server to SIM, should I still load psp, agents, etc?
b) in this case we are dealing with virtual HWs, Can someone expline how that works? since evrything is/are virtula?
c) do I need VMM plug-ins? if I don't care about P2V or V2P?

Thanks for any help,
Rob Buxton
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Re: SIM on Virtual (vmware) managed device ???

Typically you do not install any HP Agents onto the Virtual guest servers.

VMM gives you better visibility of the Virtual Servers, as some of the work the agents do is done by the VMM. But it's not essential.
It can depend on how large your organisation is as to whether having a common interface to everything is considered important.

You should install the HP ESX Agents onto the Virtual Host server if that's a Proliant.
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Re: SIM on Virtual (vmware) managed device ???

You have already got answers for your first 2 queries from Rob. I would suggest if you have SIM installed, you go ahead and install VMM and see what it can do for you. VMM and SMP are the 2 products which can really make your virtualization experience pain free. You get 5 free 60 day evaluation licenses for VMM and 5 SMP migration licenses.

Moreover if you have bought ESX from HP with some bundles you would have got additional licenses of VMM and SMP. VMM is the product which you can use without SMP also. VMM gives lots of vm management features which are really nice to use.