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SIM5 can not detect ILO in 380 G4

Tommy Frandsen_1
Occasional Contributor

SIM5 can not detect ILO in 380 G4

Hello All

I have a problem with our newly installed SIM5, SP4 installation. We have recently installed it and we are still having a active 4.2 running. on another server. We have a ILO board in a 380G4 that we try to discover manually in SIM5 but we do not succeed. SIM reports it as being unknown and not reachable. On the 4.2 we have it discovered and also reporting it as being healthy.
I have been trying to investigate the security settings for the ILO but I can not see what is wrong. How do we get SIM5 to detect the ILO board? Is there some security setting that I miss? or a certificate?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards
Tommy Frandsen
Valued Contributor

Re: SIM5 can not detect ILO in 380 G4

Forward and reverse lookups OK? Can you ping the IP address from the CMS?

Believe it or not, I had a very wierd and similar problem a month or two ago where the CMS could not ping a SUBSET of RIB cards that were on the same subnet. Worse than that, it was intermittent, it was ONLY RIB cards, and it was only RIB cards on the SAME subnet. I didn't have a problem with any RIB cards or servers anywhere else.

I never found the root cause, but what I did do was upgrade the HP Network Configuration Utility (this was a Proliant), and that seemed to fix it.