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SMH Data Source - SNMP not working

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SMH Data Source - SNMP not working

Hi everyone,


I've had a look around the community forums before posting this so hopefully not a duplicate!


I have installed HP System Management Homepage on my DL380 Gen8 server running Win Server 2008 R2, however, when I open it, no data is displayed - Component Status Summary shows no data and the screen is devoid of any useful info! To the top right, the System Model field shows unknown and there is a blank for data source (see screenshot).

Going to Settings > Select Data Source shows SNMP as selected.


The SNMP service has been installed and is running.


A bit of Googling suggested that the following services should be installed and running: CqMgHost, CpqNicMgmt, CqMgServ and CqMgStor. These currently aren't installed or running - I have no idea where to get them from - I have tried downloading and installing practically all packages from the drivers page for my server, however, can't find anything which installs these services!


Please could (if the last paragraph is the true) someone tell me how I can get these services installed?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: SMH Data Source - SNMP not working

Gen8 servers by default, assuming you used Intelligent Provisioning or the SPP after the fact, will install a new, lighter weight Agent called the "Agentless Management Service" rather than then 6 or 7 different agents you are used to seeing.

The AMS is not compatible with the SMH.

So if you want the SMH, you should (recommended) remove the AMS and then install the SNMP based Agents.

In Intelligent Provisioning, there is an option presented to use AMS or SNMP or WBEM based agents. Deselect AMS and choose SNMP and then Intelligent Provisioning will take care of it for you during the install.
If you are not seeing that option, then either you need to select Custom Install or possibly update Intelligent Provisioning to 1.3.
I did both last time I saw this option so I am not sure which one of them exposed it (or possibly both)

Hope that clears things up.

PS: If you are wondering why the SMH doesnt use AMS. The AMS is used to provide a little extra detail to the iLO and the idea is that iLO4 and future versions will do more and more in an offline fashion and so SMH functionality will eventually be eaten by iLO functionality without the need for a bunch of bloated agents.