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SNMP trap is not received in SIM


SNMP trap is not received in SIM


I am working one one issue with SIM 5.1 & SNMP traps not getting logged in SIM.

Setup :

SIM 5.1 installed on Integrity server ( SLES 9 SP3 IA 32 )

Clients are Integrity servers e.g RX1620 , RX4640 , RX8620 ( OS : SLES 9 SP3 IA 32 )


we have configured client servers to forward the SNMP traps to SIM server & we have made the following tests on these servers.

Test results in detail:

* (rx4640):
- Unplug network cable: Trap (18006) is generated and sent to the interface of the SIM-Server. SIM generates
no event. ( Checked by tcpdump )

- Fiber cable unplugged out of HBA: no trap (16028) created.

- SNMP-Daemon restarted: Trap (cold Start) reaches SIM-Server
And SIM generates an event. => OK

We checked all the server have latest management agents installed & they are running fine by following command.

/etc/init.d/hpima status

All the servers showing correctly in SIM.

Have anybody faced this issue before?
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP trap is not received in SIM

Are you sure you got all the MIB'S from the the install

Re: SNMP trap is not received in SIM

Thanks for the reply !!!
yes , even i have installed the update mib kit 7.70 still the same issue. selected the accept unregistered trap setting in SIM no luck !!

Re: SNMP trap is not received in SIM

I've exactly the same problem on my management server and took me a while to figure out what was going on, well in my case anyway.

On our management server we also had HP ProCurve management application installed. Problem with it is that it also has capability of receiving SNMP traps and if it is the first one to start it will block the SNMP trap receiving port hence HP SIM is unable to receive any SNMP traps from managed servers/devices. Once I disabled the HP ProCurve services I started receiving SNMP traps no probs.

Other HP application that's capable of receiving SNMP traps also is HP Power Manager, UPS management application. If you are not using either of them I'd suggest you look for an application on your system that's capable of receiving SNMP traps and disabling it and than running test again and see what happens.