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SQL Statement for Snapshot comparison

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SQL Statement for Snapshot comparison

We currently have a process set up that goes into our SQL database and cleans out historical data so that all we have left is the (SnapshotID of -1 or current data, and the last recorded scan.)
We currently run a snapshot comparison manually through HP SIM to validate if anything has changed on a server over the past 2 weeks, and the results of the output are put into a text file which is looked at manually for differences.

What we would like to do is automate this snapshot comparison, using sql statements.
Does anyone know the SQL statement to do a snapshot comparison of a server?? The snapshot comparison menu item withing the HP SIM Application must make some sort of sql call to the tables....The results of this automated snapshot comparison will be outputed to a text file and parsed through for differences. The DELTA's will be outputed to a seperate file..

Long and short of it is, I need to know if there is a sql statement that will give me the same output that the "Canned" snapshot comparison function withing sim.