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SQL query

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SQL query

We are currently using HP SIM 5.0 SP4 and have been using SQL Query for our reports and would like to create a custom report fields that include information from another dB that includes dates of when Servers are put into Production. Can anyone give us an idea if this is possible and how would we go about achieving this please.
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Re: SQL query

Hi sirfire,

I have written a custom servers database that is fed with information for SIM and allows us to link custom information to the data we get from SIM.

I am not sure if this is the best way to do it, but what I did was create custom views with all the data I am interested in within the SIM database. I then use MTS (Microsoft Transformation Services) to export the contents of the view and import them into our servers DB. I then have relationships setup between the custom data and the data I import from SIM.

I also use other tools to import other data. For example, I use Bindview to scan for missing security patches and then link that data into the DB(Bindview -> CSV -> MTS ->SQL DB). I also export user contact information from AD and link that into the DB so I can assign contacts to the servers (owner, server analyst, DBA, etc).

Hope this helps.