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Setting Disk Thresholds

Sarah Meere
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Setting Disk Thresholds

I am having problems setting disk thresholds on one particular server through the file system space used page which I am accessing through the systems management homepage.

It will allow me to move sliders to required values and to save the thresholds but then they instantly revert back to the standard 80 & 90% they were originally.

I have tried setting the disk thresholds for this server on the SIM server and it the percentages on the server still stay the same as they were. Any ideas?
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Re: Setting Disk Thresholds

It might be worth trying either a reinstall of the management agents or installing a later version - agents v7.41 (released after psp7.4 and availably separately) I found were the most reliable for disk alerts.

v7.6 is the latest (I've read on this forum v7.6 has reintroduced a bug about the disk file size reported).

Setting the thresholds via the SIM server I'd say is the way to go since the homepage doesn't show the threshold reset values selected (though does show the threshold alert value).

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Re: Setting Disk Thresholds

Check the SNMP permissions on that server. Under control panel, services, click SNMP and on one of the tabs make sure public has read_write and in the lower box make sure you're only accepting snmp packets from the local host and the SIM server