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Software Version Status with an <i> problem - Solution

Frequent Advisor

Software Version Status with an <i> problem - Solution

For those of you with this problem ( under SW column), whereby, despite your VCA and SNMP settings being the same as other working servers, one or more keep giving you the like if it was a middle finger (but it is a "Version Control Agent Not Detected" message - see content below), here is something to try...
Under Options, run the Data Collection...
All of my problematic servers reported correctly after doing this.
You can try the Automatic Discovery, Identification, Software Status Polling, Hardware Status Polling, rebooting the server, restarting the agents/services, HP-SIM, etc... if you wish. None of that did it for me.
Please, let the Forum know if it works out or not, for your systems. And, if you know, don't hesitate to explain why this works, and the Message's Windows suggested solution doesn't. Here it is :
NOTICE: The Version Control Agent (VCA) has not been detected on the target system. On a Windows system, the easiest way to install and configure the VCA and associated agents is to create an Install ProLiant Support Pack task. The Version Control Agent cannot be installed on HP-UX systems.

If the VCA is already installed on the target system, then run Automatic Discovery or Identification so that the agents are added to the database.

This too will pass...