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Steps to change SNMP community string on managed nodes and HP SIM server side.

Terence Ng

Steps to change SNMP community string on managed nodes and HP SIM server side.

I have deployed HP Management agent to a dozen of HP Blade servers last month. Now, I have to change the SNMP community string, pls advise the steps and best approach to change the community string of all HP SIM managed nodes and HP SIM server itself.

Moreover, how can I configure the HP SIM server to handle the old SNMP community string and the new SNMP community string during the transition period (can the old and new SNMP community name co-exist on the HP SNMP server) with minimal effort?

fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Steps to change SNMP community string on managed nodes and HP SIM server side.


There is one feature in HP SIM that should help you. The replicate Agents Settings feature is the one you need.
The Replicate Agent Settings tool enables HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) to retrieve and optionally
edit Web Agent configuration settings from a source system and distribute that configuration remotely to
one or more target systems through Web Agents.
To create a Replicate Agent Setting Task:
1. Select Configureâ Replicate Agent Settings. The Replicate Agent Settings window appears.
2. Select target systems. See â Creating a taskâ for more information.
3. Click Next.
Replicate agent settings 295
4. Select a source system by selecting one of the following two methods:
â ¢ You know the name of the system. If you select this option, enter the name of the system in the
box. Click Next.
â ¢ Pick the system from a list. If you select this option, select a target system from the list of known
systems that support Replicate Agent Settings. Click Next.
Note: If the source system cannot be used, a message appears, informing you of the error. Select
a different system from the Choose Source System page.
Note: If the trust relationship for a system is incorrectly configured, an error message appears. See
â Replicate agent settings - referenceâ for more information.
The Choose Source Configuration Settings page appears. The source system configurations display
without any parameters selected.
5. Select the desired settings as needed. You can select each parameter individually. At least one must be
selected to continue. You can also select to Wake target systems from low power mode before
configuring. See â Replicate agent settings - referenceâ for more information.
6. Select one of the following options to execute the task:
â ¢ Click Schedule to schedule when the task should run. See â Scheduling a taskâ for more information.
â ¢ Click Run Now to run the task immediately. The Task Results page appears. See â Task results
listâ for more information.
â ¢ Click Previous to return to the previous page.
â ¢ Replicating trusted certificates
â ¢ Replicate agent settings - reference
â ¢ About secure task execution
Replicate agent settings - reference
Determining the trust relationship
When selecting the source system from the list, a trusted column displays that indicates whether a trust
relationship exists between the management server and the indicated system. If a trust relationship is not
configured for that system, that system is marked no in the trusted column.
Changing a trust relationship
To change a trust relationship for a system, click configure in the appropriate row. The HTTP server
configuration page or System Management Homepage for the associated system appears.
Wake on LAN feature
Wake on LAN (WOL) is a feature that is used by HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) to bring a target
system that is in Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) Standby mode or powered off to full power.
The Replicate Agent Settings feature can optionally use the WOL feature to wake target systems that are in
low power mode so they can be configured. A system can be remotely powered up if it is equipped with a
WOL-enabled NIC or it has ACPI support in the operating system. See the target ProLiant server documentation
to determine if Remote WakeUp is supported by the server.

The idea is to change the snmp settings on the HP SIM server first and to replicate them afterwards on the managed nodes using this feature. Several Read only community strings are supported on the HP SIM server. Check under options / Protocol Settings /global protocol settings / default snmp[ settings

Hope it helps.

frederic Passeron
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