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System Type Unknown

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Fredrik Kenmo
Occasional Advisor

System Type Unknown

Hi everyone,

This is a very basic question but I was hoping that someone would be willing to help me out.

After performing an Automatic discovery, the new system (a Proliant DL 380) shows up in the console. However, the information about the system in question is very limited and doesn't include type, product or OS.

Is this due to lack of agents on the system in question or because of something else? I would appreciate any direction or references to the manual.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Valued Contributor

Re: System Type Unknown

The system being monitored will require the agents to be installed. These are installed (on a Windows OS) as part of the proliant support pack. The agents can also be installed separately from the support pack (which does upgrades to other system components).

Without these, SIM will recognize the name / ip of the system (using dhcp) after a discovery but not the other details you're missing.

Fredrik Kenmo
Occasional Advisor

Re: System Type Unknown

Thanks for the quick response! I really appreciate it! I installed the agents and some of the information appeared in the console, however I'm still lacking information about the installed operating system (Windows 2003 server in this case).

Do you have any idea why this might be the case? I have tried to restart the agents on the server a couple of times and initiated a new discovery, but so far - notthing :)

Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: System Type Unknown

Have you configured the SNMP service running on the managed node to accept packets from the SIM server? If not, do so and then run identification (Options->Identify Systems) task in SIM.

One other way is to enable WBEM in system protocol settings page, provide appropriate credentials and then running identification task in SIM.