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System type goes missing after discovery

Occasional Contributor

System type goes missing after discovery

I have a problem where the system type for all my Win2K/XP desktops goes missing. Initially, autodiscovery recognizes the PCs as desktops and lists them as such under "System Type", along with the relevant info under "Product Name" and "OS Type". But, after a few hours, that information disappears, and I'm left with dozens of computers listed as "unknown".

This doesn't happen to the few Win98 PCs is still have. It doesn't matter what kind of PC it is... HP, Dell, IBM. They are all correctly identified at first, then the settings are lost. Running autodiscovery again doesn't help. Network gear (Cisco routers, HP switches, etc.) and servers (HP and Dell) don't have this problem.

I ran mxconfigrepo -c to see if there was a database corruption issue, but there is none.

This really mystifies and annoys. Halp!