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Traps unrecognized under SIM?

Occasional Advisor

Traps unrecognized under SIM?


I've got problems concerning the MIBs I use in SIM (System Insight Manager).
When problems happens on servers, and traps are sended to my CMS Server, I don't receive any notifications concerning the problem..

To my mind, this comes from the MIB conception, SIM just notify me when -NOTIFICATION TYPE- traps happens?
How could I make to be notified under SIM, for example, using RFC1514 mib, watching ressources events.
Indeed, the traps comprised in the RFC1514 mib are not -NOTIFICATION TYPE-, so there's no notifications under SIM concerning host ressources events.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Traps unrecognized under SIM?

Which notifications are you talking about and what event handling tasks have you configured?
For a particular server you should be able to see all of the events reported.
You can configure the event handler to report on any event it gets.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Traps unrecognized under SIM?

I have programmed some notifications from the RFC1514 mib. (alerts from the traps: hrSystemProcesses, hrSystemMaxProcesses comprised in the RFC1514 mib)

But i don't understand why in the menu event/trap settings, i have no trap name in this mib.

The menu is blank, and the problem appears for some other mibs.

I thought this was coming from the mibs constitution, indeed, the traps i used are OBJECT-TYPE (defined in the RFC1514 mib), and my first idea was that the traps which are readable in SIM are NOTIFICATION-TYPE traps.

Have you any idea of the trap compatibility in SIM?

Sorry for my bad english, i'm french :)

there is many others topics which speak about the problem I try to overcome :

It's very hard to find any informations for this problem, which look like...unknow by the internet community... Solving it will help a lot of persons! take the chance to become a hero!