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Unable to Connect to Database

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Unable to Connect to Database


Hi Gurus,


I am running SIM 9.x on a Windows 2008 Server.  My domain password expired and then got locked out.  I fixed this issue, but now I cannot start up SIM.  The error is "Unable to connect to database.  Check if database service is running."


I am using MS SQL Server locally and it was installed by the application.


When I run MXGETDBINFO, I get the below error.  Please note that the "database initialization failed..." error occurs multiple times until the user account locks and then the error "...Error accessing database..." occurs.


I have turned off the SIM service since it locks up my user account.




     Database initialization failed for URL: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://DAEBU41:1433/Insight_v50_0_152321143;loginTimeout=20;domain=DAEBU41;instance= Ex: java.sql.SQLException: Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.
HP Systems Insight Manager shutting down: Error loading database verification handler '' Error accessing database

Tushar Bajpai
Trusted Contributor

Re: Unable to Connect to Database

It should be HPSIM 7.x - :)


you can use "mxpassword -g" cli to update the DB password. Update other 2 option also.

if it helped, award me Kudos or Points. Thanks :)

\T Bajpai
HP Employee

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Re: Unable to Connect to Database


Thanks Tushar!


Your solution resolved my issue.  I had not changed the DB password.  Once I did this everything started to work.

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Re: Unable to Connect to Database

I was using my  own account while installing, now i changed my password. After that its not allowing me to login.


I tried to change the user name/passoword in Services.


I also tried to update "DbuserPassword " using mxpassword -g. it did not helped me.


can some one help on this..

Simone Rossato
Occasional Visitor

Re: Unable to Connect to Database


note that you have to launch "mxpassowrd -g" select modify and select a user (MXDbUserPassword) that is not visible in list section and change the new password here.