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Unresponsive User Interface in SIM

Steven J. Marty_2
Frequent Advisor

Unresponsive User Interface in SIM

We are having an ongoing problem with SIM where users of the application are not able to log in due to an unresponsive UI. We have had a DBA look at it when this occurs and she found the following...

Data file was 3 GB, log file was 30 GB.

She was able to shrink the log file to 12 GB, but could not go lower due to an open transaction:

Transaction information for database 'Insight_v50_0_13140425'.

Oldest active transaction:

SPID (server process ID) : 55
UID (user ID) : 1
Name : implicit_transaction
LSN : (306515:63227:1)
Start time : Mar 5 2008 11:32:41:177AM

DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.

She looked at all processes and there were over 60 going on the server with at least half of them from SIM (jTDS). Many of them showed â sleepingâ or a SELECT statement. There was one DELETE running.

She ran profiler briefly to see anything of interest, but their wasnâ t much.

She checked the blocked processes (see attached).

She killed 67, which had no info in the process statement. Immediately spid 75 began blocking. I killed 75 (also a sleeping process) and then there were no more blocks. No statement info for 75 either. That explains why profiler was mostly dead.

Before attempting to shrink the log again, she contacted the user and he was able to get in.

Although she did shrink the log down to 12 GB, it is showing it could go to 500 MB. It still wonâ t go below that due an open tran.

Our DBA suspects that HP is not escalating their table locks appropriately and not cleaning up sleeping processes in the application.

Anyone else seeing seemingly random UI lockups? We are running v5.2 now but v5.1 SP1 had the problem, too.

Thanks for any help.