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Using NetApp mib with HP Server Insight Manager

Paul Maglinger
Regular Advisor

Using NetApp mib with HP Server Insight Manager

I'm attempting to get my NetApp appliances to send snmp traps to HP Server Insight Manager. When trying to compile the mib I get:


Line: 29381: Error defining registration: Invalid parent label or subid Mib compilation failed.


Google came back with several suggestions which correct that problem but it seems that other only had partial success. Has anyone gotten this to work successfully and completely? Did you end up editing the entire mib or start from scratch?


I tried to post this to the Insight Manager forum but it kept asking me to log in, and when I did I got a "webpage not found" error.


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Paul Maglinger
Regular Advisor

Re: Using NetApp mib with HP Server Insight Manager

As I understand HPSIM - it uses smnp version 2.  I wrote NetApp and asked why their mib wasn't compliant.  Their response:




We have seen this type of issue with HP Insight Manager only a few times and the resolution is to modify the MIB until it will compile correctly.  The same version of the MIB does compile correctly when used by other software products.  Engineering has determined that they will not modify the format of the MIB to accommodate one compiler since it would break it for all the rest.


Please modify the MIB so it can compile correctly and let me know if you have any further questions.


So now I have to ask - who's not being compliant with the standard - HP or NetApp?