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VCA (7.1. 2) exit code -3 (unable to execute component)

Occasional Advisor

VCA (7.1. 2) exit code -3 (unable to execute component)

I have a problem with a couple of VCA's where they are communicating ok with the VCRM but for some reason will not install any components. They report back an overall "failed to install with status 0".  The process seems to manage to download the componet from the VCRM.  On checking the log you see the "Installation Result: Unable to execute component" and "Exit Code for Target localhost: -3". This seems to happen for any components you attempt to install through the VCA.  Yet if I go to the repository directory and run the component outwith the VCA it installs without a problem.



I have tried and failed to find any information on the exit code -3.  Can anyone advise where I could find information on the exit codes that the VCA may give or give some help on resolving this issue.



Thanks in advance.