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VCR specified, [ServerName], did not return result.

Alexander Wilson_1
Occasional Visitor

VCR specified, [ServerName], did not return result.


Several of our VCAs are returning the following error when the VCA service is restarted:

Severity Error
Task ID VCA1104899059
Date / Time 5/01/2005 3:24:19 PM
Message The repository specified, imsrv.auiag.corp, did not return a result.
Additional Data
Connection: close
Content-Length: 0
Content-Type: text/plain
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 04:24:19 GMT
Server: CompaqHTTPServer/9.9 HP System Management Homepage/
Set-Cookie: Compaq-HMMD=0002-38ade28d-10f6-6d4e-ae75-93cc6950a519-1104899059768225; path=/
Status: 500

We are currently running HP SIM 4.2 and have a total of 26 VCAs out of 507 Servers which have begun reporting this error within the VCA log.

We have a mix of and Version Control Agent for Windows currently within our environment. Though the issue appears to only exist on some servers with v2.0.7.10.

No production changes have been made to the SIM server within the past two weeks, and previously all VCAs were communicating without issue back to the Repository Manager without issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gabriel Aguilo
Frequent Advisor

Re: VCR specified, [ServerName], did not return result.

Hi im having a similar problem with a few of our servers.

We can connect into the SMH v2.0 correctly, and open the VCA correctly, but when we try to connect into the VCR (from the homepage) we receive an entry:

"The Version Control Repository at X, could not be accessed using the specified username and password"

In the logs we receive the same error as yours.

Have you had any luck or progress?

Occasional Advisor

Re: VCR specified, [ServerName], did not return result.


we have the same problem since today.