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VM, WBEM, and domain controllers

Occasional Advisor

VM, WBEM, and domain controllers

Anybody have tips for monitoring virtualized domain controllers with HPSIM?

We're running sim5.3 with the latest VMM pack. Currently for a VM we use SNMP and WBEM to monitor it. We provide an account that has local administrator access to the Windows VM and subscribe to the system with WBEM. Well it would seem for a domain controller I would need to have an account with Enterprise Admin level root access in order to monitor via WBEM. Does anybody have any experience with this that could lend a hand?

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VM, WBEM, and domain controllers

A question, what are you trying to monitor. As HPSIM is more focussed on the hardware then there's not a lot to monitor on the VM side. The effort there goes into the host server.
Without any wbem you'll get up / down just with ping.