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VMM Service keeps stopping

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Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

VMM Service keeps stopping

Hi All,
More HPSIM issues, the VMM Service keeps stopping.
HPSIM 5.0 SP4, (trying to download SP5 without success!) VMM 2.0.2
The service stops with what seems to be a JRE error from the VMM Log directory.
I've tried removing and reinstalling VMM 2.0.2 but with no change in behaviour.
Attached is the last part of the log for anyone that may know anything about JRE stuff.
Frequent Advisor

Re: VMM Service keeps stopping

You must have hit the situation where the ports required for VMM are grabbed by some application. The magic you see might have been the reason of reboot and not the new version of SIM installation. To confirm the facts you can look into hpvmmsvc.log and see if you have any information about the port there. VMM and SMP have IANA reserved ports 1124, 1125 and 1126
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VMM Service keeps stopping

That makes sense as there was stuff in the log about VMM being unable to grab a port.

Thanks for the list of ports VMM uses, that makes it a bit easier to troubleshoot. Alas the thread is closed, otherwise I'd pass on some points.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VMM Service keeps stopping

The problem recurred and I tracked those ports were allocated to our Trend Anti-Virus suite.
So, now to figure out who owns them and to try and resolve the issue on a more permanent basis.

Re: VMM Service keeps stopping

Hi Rob,
I am not clear on what is mean't by "who owns them) regardig the ports for VMM, but HP is registered with IANA, for VMM to use those specific ports. Also, I didn't see it in the thread, but there is a nice freeware utility called TCPView from System Internals that is really cool. It is graphical vs using a netstat command.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VMM Service keeps stopping

Well if those ports are registered to HP via the IANA I need to try and determine why the Trend process is allocating them.

I just use a utility called Active Ports which identified those ports as being used by an image mrf.exe.
This is part of the trend Suite, the Management console I think. There may be a configuration element that has been missed.
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Re: VMM Service keeps stopping

yes KIM is right about those ports registered by IANA.

Some applications pickup ports from the free ports while they are started and its just a co-incidence (I guess) that you are seeing particular application grabbing the same port again. You could try out the following steps which would allow you to make sure you have these ports allocated to VMM only.

Please DO this at your own risk ;-)

If the VMM Server does not start, review the VMM port number assignments of 1124, 1125, or 1126. Determine if these port assignments were locked by other applications, by performing the following steps:

On a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 system, run the following command at a command line prompt:
netstat -n -o -a
On a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or a Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 system, download and run TCPview to view port IDs.
TCPView is available at the following URL:

Write down the PIDs of the applications that are using the ports 1124, 1125, and 1126.

Open the Task Manager, and click the Processes tab.

Click View -> select Columns, and check the "PID (Process Identifier)" check box. Check the Image Name for the PIDs noted in step 2. If the image name associated to the PIDs is not equal to JAVA.EXE with 20 MB memory, then the Virtual Machine Management Pack ports have been taken by other products.
If it is determined that ports 1124, 1125, and 1126 are assigned to other products, the port assignments must be changed. The change must be made from within the software product that is using the port, so that it can be made available for use by VMM.

The VMM port range overlaps with the port range Microsoft Windows operating systems use when an application does not define a specific port for network communication. However, a port reservation can be defined to prevent the operating system from using one of the VMM ports by following these steps:

Start the registry editor by entering the following command on a command line prompt:

Select this key from the tree view in the left panel of the Registry editor:


Add a new value named ReservedPorts to this key. The value type must be Multi-string Value (REG_MULTI_SZ). If this value already exists, proceed to Step 4.

Double click the value to open the edit dialog.

Add the VMM port range to the list of reserved ports by adding a new line with the following:

Close the Registry editor and reboot the system.