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VMware and SIM

Harlis Battiste
Occasional Contributor

VMware and SIM

We are currently running SIM 5.0 sp3 on a 2003 sp1 server platform.

We would like to migrate our SIM server to the VMware environment.

Will SIM 5 work as a virtual server and or is it supported by HP?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: VMware and SIM

HP SIM works great in a virtual machine--in something of the scale of a demo environment, and then typically only hosting HP SIM, not the additional Essentials. In a production environment the I/O demands that HP SIM imposes on a virtual machine are not consistent with workloads that are suited to virtual machines. You can get an idea of the sizing for an HP SIM server large enough for the size of your environment by checking out the HP SIM sizer at --> Technical Support.

We continue to look at the issue and our goal is to be able to support it officially in the future, perhaps as some of the I/O acceleration technology for virtual machines starts becoming real.