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Version Control Agent - configuration... or lack of?

Nick Weeks
Occasional Contributor

Version Control Agent - configuration... or lack of?

Upon installing and updating HP VCA v. on a group of servers, all running Server 2003, with System Management Homepage v., a folder was created called "Drivers" (along with a server share, everyone read access), inside "Drivers" is a "System Support" and inside of that are the cpXXXX.exe system update files from the VCRM.

Why are these files downloaded locally to each server running the VCA?

Where do I change the path it is downloading the files? It seems to magically pick whatever drive it deems necessary, but I need to specify another location.

How can I disable the share from automatically being created each time updates are installed remotely?

I have searched everywhere for some type of configuration file, registry key, whatever and have turned up nothing. If someone could possibly shed any light on the situation, it will be greatly appreciated.

SMS server: HP SIM v.5.1 SP1, PMP v.4.5, VCRM v.2.1, Server 2003 R2 SP1

Agent servers: System management homepage v., VCA v., Server 2003 R2 SP1

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Version Control Agent - configuration... or lack of?

Not near a server so I cannot check but I thought these were cleared up afterwards.
The reason they're copied down is that it does a local install. It wouldn't be a good idea updating the network drivers from a network share for instance.
I've not seen anything t say this can be configured.
Nick Weeks
Occasional Contributor

Re: Version Control Agent - configuration... or lack of?

Well, these did not get cleaned up on any server, and as far as I know, all servers are running the latest versions of VCA and VCRM.

I can understand the copy to local for the install, and that makes sense for the existence of the share. It would be nice if it used some type of Web control or something to install the software instead of relying on these automatically created shares.

I still need to at least change the location it is storing these files.