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Version Control Repository Disk Space

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Version Control Repository Disk Space



We have SIM 7.2 and are running out of disk space on the drive that the VCR Repository folder is stored on and I'm asking if people could educate me a bit on some things.


Currently there are 8 SPP ISO files sitting in the Repository drive. Are these required to exist here? Are they unpacked when VCR initially downloads them? What are the best practices for holding onto older SPP versions and how can I remove them is we no longer needed them? 


As you can tell by my line of questioning I'm trying to figure out the best method for freeing up space if possible in this directory and any help and insight is appreciated.



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Re: Version Control Repository Disk Space

Hello there,


As you allow the VCRM to download it's updates you don't have control over what get's downloaded.


As a tip disable you automatic downloads, manualy download the latest and one version before that of a SPP. Unpack the SPPS each in a seperate directory and name the directory the version of the SPP.


If you cut, paste these directories in the repository folder that the VCRM looks in. Delete all the other files, if you are low on diskspace you can start with deleting the files after you stopped the VCRM service. Once the new files/directories are in place start the VCRM service, now the VCRM starts to scan the folder. It will complain about duplicate files but that's no problem. You are done, once there is a new SPP available stop the VCRM service delete the oldest SPP, unpack the new SPP rename the folder to the name of the SPP and put it in the repository directory. Once the VCRM starts it will cleanup the old SPP and add the new SPP as a new baseline.

Kind regards,