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Version Control Repository Manager has no content


Version Control Repository Manager has no content

I'm trying to learn to use Systems Insight Manager to manage -- and, in particular, update -- my HP servers. I've installed SIM on a non-HP box, and I'm trying to get my HP boxes to talk with it.

I'm finding that I get the message "There are no Support Packs in this repository" or "This repository is empty" when I try to look at the Version Control Repository.

How do I cause the repository to populate?
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Re: Version Control Repository Manager has no content

Populating using hp.com:
1) open VCRM using HP System Management Homepage.

2) Make sure atleast one VCA is configured to use this VCRM
Select the Operating system to download PSP present in "Configure Repository and Update Settings" wizard under "Home" tab [available in recent VCRMs]

3) you can schedule a download using above configure wizard or Perform "Update from Hp.com now" under CATALOG tab. to initiate the update.

Populating using Smart start CD:
VCRM can also be populated using Smart Start CDs or with Upload a Support Pack option.

For more info,

Re: Version Control Repository Manager has no content

Hello, Logapriyan. Thanks for your response.

I have some further questions, though, since I still can't get the repository to populate.

1) Where do I find the VCRM in the System Management Homepage?

2) There are at least two, as far as I can tell.

3) When I try to use that feature, I'm told that I must be an administrator for it to work. I'm logged in to the machine as the local administrator, and the web page gives me no links to let me log in (or log out) with different credentials. The "upload a support pack" link gives the same error.

How do I populate the VCRM using a Smart Start CD?
Rob Buxton
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Re: Version Control Repository Manager has no content

The VCRM is installed as part of the overall HPSIM installation. I'm intrigued it installed on a non-HP server. From HPSIM itself click on the server that is hosting HPSIM. From there click on the Tools Tab and you should see a link to the VCRM, click on that and then click on the configure the VCRM. By default the top level of the repository is c:\Repository. You can create a new structure elsewhere and populate that if you want. You can then either get automatic downloads from HP or manually manage the repository.
I create a number of sub-directories below the top level and then browse to www.hp.com go to support & drivers, put in some details and then drill down and find the Proliant Support Pack I'm intreested in. Download and place it in the appropriate directory. I also create directories for online firmware so you might also download the FW appropriate to the servers you have.

Re: Version Control Repository Manager has no content

I think the VCRM might be populated, but I'm still experiencing the error I mention in #3 above, where I receive this message,

Message from webpage
You must be logged in as operator or administrator to perform this operation.