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Version Control Repository Manager will not automatically update.

David McL
Occasional Visitor

Version Control Repository Manager will not automatically update.

I have just set up HP SIM 5.1 on a DL 380 G3. I have everything set up with machines added and the VCRM installed as well as the VCA on this management box. When I try to do the automatic update from HP.com I get the following errors:

6/19/2007 1:57:26 PM The Version Control Repository Manager POSTed a Version Control Repository Manager/Automatic Update category event with severity code 4 to URL http://gnbhpsim01.gnb.ca:280/cpqevent.
6/19/2007 1:57:26 PM The automatic repository update failed because an error occurred while retrieving the download site catalog. [ details ]

I have included the details from the above. I have gone into my Internet Explorer and have set all the options that I have found articles on but still the VCRM will not update. I have removed it and added it back in and still no luck.

I have the VCA on the mangement box able to talk to the VCRM it's just that I can't populate it with the PSP's as I can't connect for some reason to HP.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this issue or have experienced it before?



Re: Version Control Repository Manager will not automatically update.

Try to access this site from your VCRM machine in a browser:


If you cannot access it, resolve the issue and that should fix your VCRM updates. This is an example of a location it needs to get to to do a download.

Good Luck!