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View Contract and Warranty information in SIM

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View Contract and Warranty information in SIM





I’ve recently installed HP SIM 7.3 and remote support pack.

I’ve linked the remote support app with SIM.  All my devices appear in remote support and it’s successfully collected the warranty information from HP.


How do I view the warranty information in SIM?  


According to the manual, there should be a CW icon in the system table view page.  I can’t find this anywhere. 


Am I missing something or is the manual incorrect?  It would be really useful to view this information in SIM.   

Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: View Contract and Warranty information in SIM

If you have installed Insight Remote Support 7.09 "IRS" the contract is visible in a report via Insight Online. You would have registered this via your passport when you initially configured the IRS client.



The CW column was tied to Remote Support Advanced which is not compatible with SIM 7.3.



I hope you will find that the information you get out of Insight Online is much  more complete that what the CW column offered via SIM.


Below is a link to more about Insight Online



















Re: View Contract and Warranty information in SIM

HP advised me to "NOT" use the HP SIM plugin and that it was still in development and would be ready with IRS advance came out.

Valued Contributor

Re: View Contract and Warranty information in SIM

The CW Column is only visible when you install IRSA (IRS Advanced), the current version available is v5.80.

Also IRSA v5.80 only supports SIM v7.2, though it works ok with SIM v7.3, any issues if you encounter  in the future

will not be supported by HP.  Whereas IRS v7.x (current version 7.09) is SIM-less, it doesnot require SIM GUI and is a standalone tool. You cna view the devie entitlement details here instaed of SIM. the Support options to change depending on which version of IRS you choose, with IRSA , HP Provides free support for SIM (v7.1 and v7.2) along with IRSA but with IRS v7.x you need to buy support for SIM after the 90 days trial period, unless you have ICE Licenses.


Re: View Contract and Warranty information in SIM

Okay great, thanks for the reply and explanation.  

Re: View Contract and Warranty information in SIM



I have used HP SIM 7.2 and below with IRS Advanced 5.80. Must say that HP has complcated the managemenet of my HP servers a lot. Before upgrading to IRS 7.xx.xx I could see CW directly in HP SIM, not avalible now. I could generate CW reports directly from HP SIM. Now I need to:

1. Have HP SIM for iLO, OA mangement.

2. Have to add/discover items both in HP SIM and IRS 7.xx.xx, this due to advise from HP NOT to use HP SIM adapter in IRS 7.xx.xx

3. Created account to Insight Online and register IRS 7.xx.xx.

4. To create report I need to log in to Insight Online and generate CW report. this report was verry easy to generate with old IRS 5.8


Sorry to say but my workload has increased a lot after installing IRS 7.xx and Insight Online. From my point of view HP is on the wrong path. HP should help us to simplify management of HP servers but in my case it is the uposit.