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WBEM protocol error during Data Collection task


WBEM protocol error during Data Collection task

I have set up a Data Collection task for a group of windows servers. The task is failing on each server with the below message:

An error occurred connecting to this system with the WBEM protocol. Check the system configuration.
Root Cause: Identification determined that WBEM is supported on this system, but either accessing it via WBEM, or maintaining a WBEM connection to it, failed.
Corrective Action: Check network and configuration of target system. Check the following pages to ensure appropriate WBEM credentials and port number data are provided: Global Protocol Settings, System Protocol Settings. Rerun Identification and Data Collection.

I have ensured the appropriate WBEM credentials are configured in the global settings. I have tried both a local admin account as well as a domain account with admin privileges.

All servers are local and reachable on the network. The trust relationship with these servers also appears to be working correctly.

Anybody have any advice on how to correct this?

Please let me know if more information is needed.

Thank you for your time.
Zdenek Kohl
Occasional Visitor

Re: WBEM protocol error during Data Collection task

For Windows server monitored using WBEM you should configure WMI protocol credential, not WBEM. WBEM is HP standard for HP-UX, and some storage (MSA2000, etc).