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adding a non server device


adding a non server device

This is the first time that I have tried to add a non server device, so I might be missing something basic, but here goes...
we have a few sites without servers, and I would like to use HP SIM to let me know when I lose connectivity to those sites. My thought was to add a switch (cisco) to the CMS that is local to that site. I have checked and it is indeed pingable from the CMS. I have also asked the networking team to allow my CMS to SNMP access (read string)in case that was required.

my problem is that SIM will not let me add it for the following reason
The system could not be added (ip of the system I tried to add)
I expanded the setting and changed the read only string from our typical one to the string for the switch.


Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: adding a non server device

I just add the devices into the discovery range. Check that you don't have filters enabled as you may be filtering out unrecognised devices.

You can add new device types using the Options-> Manage System Types functionality. Just select a new device and use the IP address to retrieve the info from the device. This needs the SNMP connectivity to be working.

If you obtain the SNMP MIBs for the device you can load them into HPSIM and configure the switch to send SNMP Traps - probably overkill for what you're trying to do.

Also as HPSIM just uses DNS, if enter a name for the switch into your DNS it'll show up in HPSIM. Useful as you could name it with the location as part of the name.

Re: adding a non server device

took a bit but it was discovered.