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disabling server monitor

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Juan M Leon
Trusted Contributor

disabling server monitor

Hello, I am hoping someone can help to find a shortcut to my task.
I have an Insight Manager server and it monitors all the servers in our datacenter.
Everytime I have to reboot a server I need to go to the gui and diable monitor before rebooting the server.
IS there any snmp command I can send from xyz server to the insight manager server to disable monitoring.

Most of our servers are ia with 11.23 within different networks.
HSIM version : C.

Thanks for your help

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: disabling server monitor

No, you can't do it with SNMP, but you can do it with the CLI.

Check "man mxnode" for the syntax of the command. It takes an argument of an XML file that contains the node[s] and the time to suspend.

I would create a script on the CMS called 'suspend' or something similar with arguments of $1 for nodename and $2 for length and use that to build a temporary XML file which then can be called at the end of the script using mxnode. Then you would be able to do something like

ssh CMS_SERVER "/opt/mx/suspend myserver 15"

...just before rebooting myserver. See also the post for additional information on the topic.