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duplicating SIM snmp requests

Occasional Advisor

duplicating SIM snmp requests

We have SIM installed on a trial basis but I am supposed to quickly deliver a script that returns a small set of SIM-like info from proliant windows servers. In questioning HP they said that SIM just uses SNMP queries to obtain their info from the managed servers, so theoretically I should be able to use SNMPUTIL to laborously retrieve all the same data.

My question, there doesn't seem to be any special HP-related MIB's on the managed servers and the generic ones like HOST and SYSTEM don't seem to have the HP-specific information. Can anyone help me?

Specifically I want to get: Logical Drive Information: Fault Tolerance, Stripe Size, Max Boot, OS Size Recommendation, Array Accelerator
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: duplicating SIM snmp requests

HPSIM has a SQL Database where all this is stored.
You can either use the standard HPSIM reports or you can write your own queries to pull data from the database.
You might be struggling to collect some of the data you're after.
The other software that shows this data is the Online Diagnostics.