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iLO Degraded System Health not showing in SIM

Chris Hasler

iLO Degraded System Health not showing in SIM


I have a Linux CMS running SIM 5.3. I've been configuring and learning about SIM.
I have several ProLiant Linux servers running the latest agents. Some configured to use SNMP and some WBEM.

I've dicovered the ProLiant servers and thier iLO's in SIM. The server SMH as well as the iLO's have been configured in Trust by Certificate for the SIM CMS.

All seems to work well except the following.

As a test on two of the systems I have configured to use WEBM. These systems have dual power supplies and I've pulled the cord on one power supply generating an issue. In SIM I don't see anything degraded on the servers or the iLO's, even after running the hardware status task or discovery task on the systems. Checking the iLO for the systems the Health status indicator is degraded and there is an entry in the IML.

Why is this not generating any indicator in SIM? Everything stays green in SIM.
Should the status be degraded at least on the iLO that is in SIM?

Chris H.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO Degraded System Health not showing in SIM

Did you subscribe to WBEM indications on those systems?
Chris Hasler

Re: iLO Degraded System Health not showing in SIM

Thanks for your suggestion.

I reset everything, subscribed to the hosts WBEM events in SIM and also updated the iLO firmware to the latest version and repeated my tests.

One of the hosts I'm testing with is behind a firewall, the other is not.

On the host NOT behind the firewall when I pulled the plug on one of the PS, SIM immediately indicated that the Aggregate Event Status on the host show a Major alert and also showed that it was a power supply failure in the hosts event log. No event was indicated on the Management Processor in SIM. However logging into the hosts iLO the System Health indicator was degraded and the issues were displayed in the IML.

For the host behind the firewall, I did the same test, pulled the plug on on of the PS. SIM showed no issue on the host or the management processor. Logging into the hosts iLO the System Health indicator was degraded and the issues were displayed in the IML. I believe I have all ports open in the firewall for the host to communicate to SIM. I can run both the hardware status polling and data collection tasks for the host successfully. I deleted the host and management processor in SIM and ran a manual discovery for them then the Identify System task. Everything completes successfully but not indication of any issues with the host is every returned to SIM.

Any help with this matter would be appreciated.

A secondary question related to this is does SIM requery that the SMH service be running on a host to get alerts back to SIM. It currently is running on the system behind the firewall but for security our company does not want it to be since this system will be in an externally facing DMZ. The goal would be to not have SMH but the other WBEM agents installed on the system and to get any hardware related indications from the system in SIM.

Chris H.