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problems accesing system event notify url

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problems accesing system event notify url

when try access to  url https://ip:7906  the system appears messages " cannot contact to director"


attach logs java:


d3c0b> User: martin
1d3c0b> -->WEBES conn:
1d3c0b> Root:
1d3c0b> -->WEBES conn:
1d3c0b> Base:
1d3c0b> Starting communication link with WEBES.
basic: Applet initialized
basic: Starting applet
basic: completed perf rollup
1d3c0b> Applet start called.
basic: Applet made visible
basic: Applet started
basic: Told clients applet is started
147545b> Comm Error: java.lang.NullPointerException
1d3c0b> Link with WEBES lost.
1d3c0b> Clearing applet's memory.


the director is online wlccproxy online.,


must a cannot connect to director