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query sim database for servers with memory errors

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query sim database for servers with memory errors

How can I query SIM database to find out (win2k/win 2003) servers with memory errors ?

fred Passeron
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Re: query sim database for servers with memory errors


1/From the web interface :
In the collection panel on the right click on customize then create 2 new collections.
One for the systems that would match the following criterias : server running win2k or win2k3 (sytem type =server and OS= win2k or win2k3).Save it either in shared or private. Then create another one based on events that would match the following criterias : Event type = ProLiant System and Environnmental and within this category select all the memory related ones (6052,6053,1,6001,60015,2006,6056,6029,2005,6059,6057,6058,2,6002,60016,2007,6051), ceared status =uncleared and save it as Memory Events in the shared event list or in your private collection.
Finally Create a last one combining both by click on new collection and select now "Choose members from the existing system and event collections " Select your newrly created collections (win2/wink3 collection + memory event collection).

2/Digging directly into the DB :
I canot provide you the query itself...but I can tell you where to look for the necessary infos to create it. The tables you should look into are the folowing ones :
Devices, Notices, Notice Type, DB_DeviceInfoEx (for the OS filtering). All the tables info can be accessed from the online help from the web interface, clicking on the question mark and searching for schema.

Hope it helps


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