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"Stderr - 'c:\program' is not recognized as an internal command

markum fuadi
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"Stderr - 'c:\program' is not recognized as an internal command

dear guys,

i try to implement an online spares on blades..
on c-7000 enclosure..
i had 2 blades servers BL460c G1 ; on bay 1 & bay 2

scenario :
1. "BLADE1" as a production server.
2. image of server "BLADE1" backed using RDP.
3. server "BLADE2" configure as the online spare.
4. SIM is configured to monitor server "BLADE1" constantly.
5. SIM starts the image download of server "BLADE1" on "BLADE2" if "BLADE1" fails.
6. RDP completes the deployment ad brings up "BLADE2" with all the functionality of server "BLADE1"

but, i can't get a unsuccessful job guys..

i create a batch files, named as "deploy.bat" as part of a custom command on SIM.. on my deployment server path folder.. its look like this;

cd program files\hp\rdp\deployment server\
axSched spare BLADE460G1-1 /t "2000-12-31 00:00"

when i manually executed this "deploy.bat" files.. it works.. it trigered "BLADE2" power on.. and accept an a deployment job that i already assign on it.. and then server "BLADE2" will have an OS on it..

but when i implement this "deploy.bat" to integrated on SIM.. on my custom tools.. it won't work guys.. :(

on "Task & Logs-->task result" i get an notification that look like this..

"Stderr - 'c:\program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

see my attach for details..

need help guys,

make my day brighter please :(

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Re: "Stderr - 'c:\program' is not recognized as an internal command

Please save the batch file under c drive.
e.g. C:\deploy.bat and try again or create any folder in the C: drive with a folder name that does not contain a space in it.

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: "Stderr - 'c:\program' is not recognized as an internal command

The Windows command interpreter isn't all that smart when parsing spaces. Internally, there are 8.3 compliant names for everything. Try doing a

dir /x c:\

on your system to see the equivalent 8.3 filename and the long filename. Hopefully if you don't have anything else with naming that starts "PROGRAM" so your "C:\Program Files" should be equivalent to "C:\PROGRA~1"
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Re: "Stderr - 'c:\program' is not recognized as an internal command

this is the result of the bad concept to allow spaces in file or directory names ...

working: C:\>dir progra~1

not working: C:\>dir program files

working: C:\>dir "program files"

... :-((

as mentioned before, get the "short" names and use them.

C:\>dir /x

DOCUME~1 Documents and Settings

PROGRA~1 Program Files

Hope this helps!

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Re: "Stderr - 'c:\program' is not recognized as an internal command

what 2 know:

Basically, the .cmd extension is the better choice for Windows NT-based OSes, because the .cmd extension is associated with the cmd.exe program, which uses a native 32-bit command environment. Scripts that use the .bat extension are associated with the 16-bit program command.exe, and they will run in the NT Virtual DOS Machine (NTVDM) instead of the native 32-bit cmd.exe program, which is less reliable than the cmd.exe environment.

I could not understand why so much script programers still using .BAT Files on actual Windows Systems !!!! just go on with learning