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wbem credentials

eric johnson_2
Occasional Visitor

wbem credentials


Do I understand this correctly?


On a managed server: If an event  occurs  (e.g. Failed disk) the server sends a WBEM  "message" to the "sim server" via dcom.


Well that is what appears to be happening on a test environment we set up last week.


The only problem is I dont recall at any point typing the username and password for the SIM server into the managed server.  Where is it getting it from?



eric johnson_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: wbem credentials

Perhaps I am wrong.


The SIM has an option for "subscribe to WBEM events". A literal reading of this is the server sets up communication between itslef and the managed node.


Does it poll the managed server evey few minutes?


Re: wbem credentials

Hi eric


in simple line, when ever a client is added to the WBEM server witht he IP address and the password, a link would establish between the WBEM and the client ( server)


And in the clinet side ( Ex: HPUX server), SysFaultMgmt which is installed in the server which will provide the health status of the server and getting the information about the hardware such as CPU, memory etc and sends it to the WBEM.


Hence the SIM gets the information WBEM





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