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Challenges with an HPE PDU - Product Name: Model D9N51A

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Challenges with an HPE PDU - Product Name: Model D9N51A

Thank you to any and all System Admins that know this answer.. I suspect they know it in there Sleep.

Despite talking with HP Support for a few hours, we can't find the simplest of solutions.

We are building a small datacenter (First time) and we purchased the HPE Model D9N51A $800 and plan to buy 15 more, if and only if, we can validate one simple use case.

The ability to power off/on a single outlet through the PDU.  It seems easy for anyone in IT, and with 30 years of technology figured it would be uncomplicated but to be honest the lack of documentation on this simple and important feature has us losing it.

 Does anyone in this group have access to the right people to find the solution? Hopefully not one that wants us to buy more stuff, which is what HP Support pushed a bit to much.

 Appreciate any responses.

 Cheers and Beers,



Re: Challenges with an HPE PDU - Product Name: Model D9N51A

Hi Corey,

The PDU model you have purchased, D9N51A, is a Metered PDU model that only supports load segment power metering.  It does not allow for outlet switching.  If you want to perform remote outlet switching, you will need either our G2 Metered & Switched PDU or our Intelligent PDU.  Both can support remote outlet-level power metering and switching.

Based on your selection of the D9N51A, I would recommend the new P9S19A (HPE G2 Metered & Switched 3Ph 8.6kVA/L15-30P 24A/208V Outlets (18) C13, (6) C19/Vertical NA/JP PDU).  This model is slightly longer than the D9N51A, but will easily fit in a 42U rack.  It also offers 3 more C19 outlets and all the new G2 PDU features: 1 GbE network management card, support for locking IEC power cables, color coded outlets and load segments, 60C high operating temperature, and low-profile design.

If you do not require 3-phase power input, we also have a line of G2 Switched PDUs that support load segment metering and individual outlet power switching.  Your are welcome to e-mail me directly at should you have any further questions.


Mike Ewell, WW Category Manager, HPE Rack & Power Infrastructure