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Console switch configuration

Robert Laramee
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Console switch configuration

Posted this a while ago in the wrong forum (got no answer:(. So, here it is again...

Is there a way to hook up 2 (or more) console switch (J1474A) so that 2 monitors (or more) can access all the available servers on both switches?

For example, monitor M1 (hooked on switch SW1) should be able to access server S2 (hooked on switch SW2), while monitor M2 (hooked on switch SW2) should be able to access at the same time server S1 (hooked on switch SW1).

Regards, Robert
Jon Mattatall
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Re: Console switch configuration

I don't know how much help this will be, but this is our
method, which is a sort of workaround...

In the server farm, we use serial to RJ45 cables to run
from the servers to a mux.
The mux is directly connected to a FreeBSD box that runs
OpenSSH, sendmail, etc.

From our workstations, we can ssh to the BSD box and cu -l
(mux port) to get any console we want...

This works for us because with the single point of
authentication, we can track access and only allow 1
connection at a time (if I can't connect, I know someone
else is on the box, and can track them through the
BSD box).


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Marco Hogeveen
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Re: Console switch configuration

You can order a J1475A Console switch 2 user expansion Kit from HP.
See for more details