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Expand RAID array


I have a HPE Proliant DL360 Gen.10 with a HPE Smart Array P408i-a Controller. 2 SSD drives of 240 GB in RAID one are placed.

Now, it turns out the drives were calculated wrong for VMware ESXi  7.0 with 2 VM's.

So now I have to replace them with 2 480 GB SSD drives. The idea is that I take 1 out, replace the drive, let the RAID array rebuild and when that one's finished again with the second drive.

I guess this will leave me with unallocated drivespace which needs to be allocated in order to get VMware to use the full drive capacity.

Is this really so? And if so do I have to allocate the space myself of is this done automatically?

I've never done this before so I really don't know that to expect. The customore does not want an downtime but I'm afraid I will have to bring the whole server down for the allocation of the drivespace. Therefore my question!

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Re: Expand RAID array

Swap the drives as you wrote.

Once done extend the array, extend the logical drive, finally extend the file system from OS (or just do a new install, since it takes a couple of minutes only.)

Hope this helps!

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Re: Expand RAID array


If you will be replaced the hard disk 480Gb in place of 240 GB.
Raid will accept only 240GB out of 480 GB, the rest of the space wast for you.

I would suggest you take the complete data backup after that create a new raid with 2x480GB and restore the data from your backup.

Follow the below link for more clarification.

RAID Capacity Calculator

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