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HP KVM 0x2x8 (AF616A) USB-console ports


HP KVM 0x2x8 (AF616A) USB-console ports

Have project to manage eight servers from two local consoles.
HP Server Console 0x2x8 Port Analog Switch(AF616A) is idead KVM switch for this.

Customer wants to use USB keyboard and USB mouse in console.


I have read multible datasheet and quickspeck documents, even call HP technical support and two distibutors to verify
does this device have USB console ports.


There are many pictures all over the internet that shows that there is
usb ports behind the device in both console (with ps/2 ports).  But no official HP statement to verify that.


HP tecnical support did'n find answer, they adviced to ask distibutor.
Local distibutor said that only 16-port device have usb-console ports.


Does anyone actually have this device (AF616A) who can verify
that there is usb-connectors to connect keyboard and mouse
to both consoles? And they actually work?