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HP Power Protector UPS

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HP Power Protector UPS

I have installed this on my servers and it connected to my UPS.  I have set the shutdown to iniate afte 1:45 (UPS good for 2:15).  To test i press the test shutdown button and i get the powered by battery warnings shutdown in 1:45.  After roughly 5 minutes it shuts the server down.


I this correct ie its just a test or should it run out for the 1:45 as setup.  I have turned power protect off on my 3 live servers and just left it on the 4th server which isnt in use yet as im worried if a power cut occured id lose all servers.  I have let power protect on the 4th and hope to unplug friday.  I expect the 4th server to start countdown to shut off and the other 3 will be powered by the UPS with no shutdown command issued.


hope this makes sense..