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R3000 UPS L5-30 plug

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R3000 UPS L5-30 plug


There is a circular L5-30 socket at the back of my r3000 UPS. How do I use this? If I plug another r3000 UPS to that socket, does that mean the second UPS will draw power from the first/parent UPS during a blackout? Or should I just connect the second UPS to a separate wall socket. Appreciate any responses.
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Re: R3000 UPS L5-30 plug

That L5-30 receptacle is available to use. It is designed to be used to power a PDU (Power Distribution Unit, think of it as a power strip) within a rack cabinet. Do not use it to power another UPS. Your UPS is designed to supply 3000VA / 2700W of power. That is spread across the L5-30 AND all 6 5-15 outlets.

If you have another UPS, connect it to it's own street power receptacle, not into the R3000.

Here's the home pages for your UPS.

I hope this helps!

Good Luck - Tim
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Re: R3000 UPS L5-30 plug

Thx, Tim.