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Web Console Operations


Web Console Operations

Hi Team ,

What is the use of websoles, How it will help us to get inforations and find the issues and resolve it.

Please share if you have any documents to trouble Shouting the server issues.

Your help is Appreciated .

Mike Shilladay
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Re: Web Console Operations

Hi John,

As requested text on configuring the Secure Web Console, which I think is what you are after.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Web Console Operations


For reasons I don't totally grasp, our security department prohibits the use of such devices.

Your server also has (probably) a RJ45 based network console. This can be used instead of the web console.

In my past work, I've used the doc linked above to successfully configure the webconsoles. Note that many of these devices work only with IE browser and require java be installed.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Web Console Operations

In general a web console is used to do remote administration.

Almost every device nowadays has something like this, even power distribution units.

What device are we talking about?

Hope this helps!

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Bill Hassell
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Re: Web Console Operations

The HP (not so secure) Web Console is only useful if you are running old hardware such as K-class or earlier. All the rp-series will have a built-in network console in addition to a serial port. You would connect it to the serial port of an old server. Otherwise, you use the built-in LAN console. Note that good sysadmin practice dictates that a separate, isolated network be used for this type of connection as there is very limited security for the console ports and they give access to power control and reset capability.

Personally, I find a serial port concentrator much more useful (and more secure) than a Web Console solution.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Web Console Operations

I have used Secure Web Console ( or MP or SP) like this.

1) I can turn on/off server remotely
2) I dont have to go to server to see check/see all the led's
3) And its used in Partioning

Re: Web Console Operations

Please help in MP and SP.