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implementing a HPE R/T3000 G4 INTL ERM Module

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implementing a HPE R/T3000 G4 INTL ERM Module


First of all, sorry if the topic is in the wrong subforum. Didn't find a better one.

We have a couple of devices attached to two HPE R/T3000 G4 INTL UPS Systems. They both run fine, but recently the load has increased to the point where the remaining shutdowntime is a bit to low. So we decided to add two ERM Modules, one to each UPS.

My question is if I can install the ERM online, meaning, attaching the ERM Module to a running UPS. Or do I have to shut down the whole UPS, attach the ERM Module and then power everything back up again? The ERMs have not arrived yet and so I haven't had the chance to look at any documentation that might be delivered with the device. Everything I found online didn't really answer my question.

Hope anybody can help.

Thanks, David