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netperf usage without control connection

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netperf usage without control connection


I am using netperf 2.7.0 on a Ubuntu 18.04.1.

I intend to run netperf without setting up the control connection first, using the -N option.

Per the documentation for -N as mentioned in :

"This option tells netperf to forgo establishing a control connection. This makes it is possible to run some limited netperf tests without a corresponding netserver on the remote system."

I assumed this means a netserver does not need to run on the remote system. 

Therefore, I did not start netserver on the remote system, and simply ran the command on the client as follows:

$ netperf -d -N -H -l 2 -t TCP_RR

However, it gives me this output (in ""):

"MIGRATED TCP REQUEST/RESPONSE TEST from ( port 0 AF_INET to () port 7 AF_INET : no control : first burst 0
create_data_socket: socket 3 obtained...
netperf: get_sock_buffer: send socket size determined to be 16384
netperf: get_sock_buffer: receive socket size determined to be 131072
send_omni_inner: 1 entry send_ring obtained...
send_omni_inner: 1 entry recv_ring obtained...
About to start a timer for 2 seconds.
netperf: send_omni: connect_data_socket failed: Connection refused"

It appears I am missing some step here. Please point me to the right set of steps to use in order to get -N working.