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script or utility tool?


script or utility tool?

With the side channel vulnerability customer has thousands of servers in their centers, is there a script or utility tool customer can use to rollout firmware update to their servers?



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Re: script or utility tool?

For all Proliant Servers, you can use HPE Smart Update Manager (SUM) for deploying updates via Node Deployment.

You may also use ILO Federation for mass firmware deployment

ILO Federation User Guide :

Smart Update Manager 8.1.0 User Guide :
Smart Update Manager 8.1.0 CLI Guide :

Smart Update Manager 8.1.0(22 Dec 2017) Download :

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Re: script or utility tool?


In addition: if the customer just likes to deploy the updated ROMBIOS package he can do that using his OS based bash scripts as well but it might be wise to include then the /s /f (silent and forced) option followed by a reboot at their own convenience!

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