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No alternate node available in Node_Switching_Parameters

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No alternate node available in Node_Switching_Parameters

Hi Experts,


Good day to you.


Would like to seek you advice on the following iisue.


One of our 2 cluster servers went down due memory issue. 


When the server went down, one of the packages did not failed over to the other node.


Found out this due to no alternate node available in the Node_Switching_Parameters for the package (sbcpixap); only Primary Node.


However other packages in the cluster are configured to have an Alternate Node. 


Please find attached for your further perusal.


Is there a way for us to edit a configuration file so that alternate node can be added in ? Without this, the package (sbcpixap) will not failover to another node in the event that server crashes again.


We have tried to google for the way to add alternate node so that it will be visible in node_switching_parameters, however to no avail.


We would appreciate any advice tips that you could share.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: No alternate node available in Node_Switching_Parameters

First, use cmgetconf to translate the current package configuration into ASCII form:

cmgetconf -p sbcpixap /tmp/sbcpixap.ascii

 Then check the node definitions:

grep -i node_name /tmp/sbcpixap.ascii

If there is only one node_name line (or NODE_NAME in legacy Serviceguard configuration style) and the value of the node_name parameter is not "*", then the package has been configured to run on one node only. You might check your configuration documentation (or ask someone who really understands the system) if there is a good reason for such a configuration. Perhaps the packaged application can only run on one particular node because of licensing issues, or something?


If you want to add nodes to the allowed list for this package, first make sure all the package's requirements can be met on the alternate node:

  • if the package contains IP address(es), make sure the alternate node has a NIC connected to the appropriate network segment
  • if the package contains VGs and filesystems, make sure the VG is imported to the new alternate node, and that the appropriate mount point directories exist, so that the package will be able to activate the VG and mount the filesystems
  • if the packaged application has any other specific requirements, make sure they can be met.

Then add a node_name line for the new alternate node in the ASCII package configuration file after the original line. The first node_name line in the package configuration file indicates the primary node, any others will be alternate nodes.


Finally, apply the modified package configuration:

cmapplyconf -v -P /tmp/sbcpixap.ascii

 Then update your cluster configuration documentation. (This may include copying the updated package configuration ASCII file to a specific location on all cluster nodes, if that is your site policy.)