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Pbm with ServiceGuard Manager - proxy related error message


Pbm with ServiceGuard Manager - proxy related error message

Hi folks!

I have a running SGLX 11.18 cluster. Since it requires SGMGR B.01.01 over SMH, I just installed it. SMH finds the cluster, but whenever I click on its link, SMH displays the following error message :
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server

SMH logs only show things related to my session credentials, which are all correct, and the rest of SMH works perfectly. Only that tomcat plugin fails...
What have I done wrong ? Would it be a pure Tomcat issue ? Or something more "OS related" such as DNS issues or such? (Currently using /etc/hosts, with nsswitch.conf set to "files dns")

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

Deepthi Pullannagari
Occasional Visitor

Re: Pbm with ServiceGuard Manager - proxy related error message

Hi Pascal,

You see this error,when you specify an incorrect location to JAVA_HOME after running the tomcat_cfg script. I would suggest you to re-run the tomcat_cfg script and when prompted for JAVA_HOME ,try one of these locations


Depending on the version of Java you have installed.This should fix your issue.


Re: Pbm with ServiceGuard Manager - proxy related error message

Hi Deepthi!

Thanks for your message. Well I tried your suggestion but obviously that's not enough! You were right, the Java path I was supplying to tomcat_cfg was wrong, not pointing at a correct Java distribution. Now I have fixed that, installed a regular 1.4.2-13 release, my path is now /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_13, java -version returns somthing correct, but I still see that error!
I've also set a JAVA_HOME variable in my profile, which I had not previously, but the problem persists.

When I played around with tomcat in the past, I remember there were other environment variables I had to set first. CATALINA_something and other... I feel more and more like that's my Tomcat config which is the culprit. If you have any idea, you're welcome!

Best regards,


Re: Pbm with ServiceGuard Manager - proxy related error message

Hey, Deepthi!

I got it running!!! In fact you were right and that was my mistake : I had installed a JRE when the pre-requisites are a JSDK!!! tomcat_cfg checks the presence of 3 executables, 2 of them being only present in a JSDK and not in a JRE.
Since the output of the script doing that check was redirected to /dev/null, I couldn't see anything.

After removing my JRE and replacing it by a JSDK 1.4.2_16 as mentionned in the ReleaseNotes, it turned to life!

In the meantime, I had another issue with tomcat_cfg because my LANG was set to French, but I fixed it : It turns out that tomcat_cfg only works properly if your LANG is C or something English, else it will run into an endless loop unless your local word to say 'yes' starts by a 'y', which is not so common... So basically, if your system langage is not english, you must set LANG to C before running tomcat_cfg if you want it to work. I have detailed the reasons in another ITRC call if you're interested.

Anyway, you had pointed at the real reason of my problems, thanks a lot! Please send me a reply, and I give you some extra points! :-)

Best regards,

George Denyer_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Pbm with ServiceGuard Manager - proxy related error message

Good to know, because I'm having the exact same problem, and I installed the JRE as you did. The interesting thing is that the release notes for A.11.18 say you only need the JRE. I'll try with the JSE.

G. Denyer