Sleep in SG control Script

Jayaprakash Subramanian
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Sleep in SG control Script

Hello All,

I have a scenario to migrate the Oracle Package from one vPar to another using Serviceguard along with memory.

The vparmodify command was included on the control script's "customer_defined_run_cmds" section. But the issue here is, the memory is not migrated along with the DB since the vpar took some time to release the memory, since the package was started before that.

So can I employ a sleep command to make the script wait until the memory got released.

I included the sleep 10 after the vparmodify command, but it seems its not effective when migrating the package from the SG GUI.

Is there any specific syntax to employ the sleep on the SG control script. Please suggest.

Jayaprakash S
melvyn burnard
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Re: Sleep in SG control Script

you should just be able to add the sleep command as part of the "customer_defined_run_cmds" and it may be a good idea to give it the full path name of the sleep command
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Re: Sleep in SG control Script

yes ..there is no such standard "sleep" option anywhere in MCSG . Calling the sleep function
with absolute path in customer defined section may do the the trick i guess.
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