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cDSF and Tape devices

Danny Petterson - DK
Trusted Contributor

cDSF and Tape devices

Hi Gurus!


I fail to find any info in the "Managing Serviceguard 11.20" March 2012 edition about this issue:


Does Cluster-wide Device Special Files support tape-devices? It's for a backup-cluster.






Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: cDSF and Tape devices

I do not see any mention of tape devices and cDSFs.


The section that I find informative is:


cDSFs reside in two new HP-UX directories, /dev/cdisk for cluster-wide block devicefiles and /dev/rcdisk for cluster-wide character devicefiles.


This indicates to me that the cDSFs are for disk devices only.  If they supported tapes I would expect to find something like /dev/crmt for tape devices.


I would not count on cDSF support for tape devices.

Danny Petterson - DK
Trusted Contributor

Re: cDSF and Tape devices

Yeah - thats my conclusion too....however, thanks for answering