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cluster configuration file

Super Advisor

cluster configuration file

in our client two nodes cluster is running, installed os is hp-ux 11.31 . but /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii file not available in cluster installed path . i want to what type of cluster service running in this server
Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: cluster configuration file

The cmgetconf command will generate a copy of the cluster configuration file for you. See man page for details.


Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: cluster configuration file

Do commands like 'cmviewcl' work on these servers and show information about your cluster?  If so, then you are running Service Guard.


Each node does not necessarily have to have an ASCII copy of thte cluster configuration file.  That file is only used when you do a 'cmapplyconf' to modify the cluster configuration.  Also, the file does not have to be named 'cluster.ascii'.  If may be named anything you like.  It is good practice to  name the file so it is easily recognized for what it is though.


As Duncan mentioned, you can run the 'cmgetconf' command to generate a cluster ascii file from the running cluster configuration.  This is probably a good idea anyway so you know the file you are looking at is the most current configuration.


There are good examples of how to run cmgetconf in its man page.


# man cmgetconf