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lock disk service guard cluster

Prashanth Waugh
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lock disk service guard cluster

I have a project where SAN team moving from EMC to HDS disks. I have Service guard disk on EMC disks so i need to have know how we change cluster lock disk .
I have given end to end process which I am going to plan for this migration.I have give high level steps. Kindly let me suggest if any modifucation or change is required in it.

1)Prepare the cluster ascii file before halting the cluster .

#cmgetconf -c prac2 /etc/cmcluster/prac2.ascii

2) Halt the packages on node1
#cmhaltpkg <package name>

3) export the all vg and cluster lock vg from both nodes but before that keep ready the major and minor number and map file to import the vg. shutdown the servers

4) Now assign the new lun to cluster nodes from HDS storage and power on the servers.

5) Import the cluster lock vg only using map file.

6) Modify the cluster lock disk for each cluster node w.rt. cluster lock disk visible to that node
#vi /etc/cmcluster/prac2.ascii

7) Verify the prac2.ascii file for any error

#cmcheckconf -v -C /etc/cmcluster/prac2.ascii

8) Halt the cluster

9) Activate the lock vg. Will it be in cluster mode or exclusive or normal activation

#vgchange -a y vg01
#vgchange -c y vg01
#vgchange -a e vg01

a) The cluster lock vg will be migrated from old array to new array so the vg information will be migrated to new lun. Still do I need to activate in cluster mode.

b) For applying lock disk, is it mandatery to activate the cluster lock vg.


10) Apply the config file to all node
#cmapplyconf -K -C /etc/cmcluster/prac2.ascii

Here are two options
-k and -K which one I need to use. My objetcive is to keep the downtime minimum

11)Deactiavte the vg
#vgchange -a n vg01

12) start the cluster

13) Import all the application vg on node1 using map file.
14) start the packages on node1

FOr testing the package on HA server
15) stop the package on node1
16) Import the vg on HA node ie. node2 using map file
17) Activate the vg on HA server
18) start the package on HA server



 Thanks !!!!

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